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13 June 2012 - Rune is on Steam!

So Human Head has released Rune on Steam. Seeing as how there are 14 projects on this site dedicated to Rune (equal to the number of my other projects combined), I think it's safe to say that I am a fan of the game. Hopefully this Steam release will garner renewed interest in such a fun game. If you have never played Rune, now is the time - you won't be disappointed.


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23 April 2012 - Update for Bite Size Remix

So, after over a year I finally decided to fix the scavenge bug in bedrooms3: Bite Size Remix. The issue was that, after the first round of a scavenge match, players would spawn underneath the map. This made the map pretty much unplayable. I don't know why I waited so long to fix it, but it's fixed.

Click here to get the update. I made a couple other very minor updates as well. You can read about those in the version history or in the readme.

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16 August 2011 - Brink

So lately I've been playing a lot of Brink. I had always heard it was abysmal, but then they had a free-play weekend on Steam, so I figured I would try it. Turns out the game is a lot of fun. The shooting mechanics take a little getting-used-to, but the parkour aspect and the character customization make up for it. I've had some really intense matches, and it reminds me of the "good ol' days" of PC gaming. I dunno, maybe I'm just weird.

I guess my point is that, if you didn't play it because of the bad reviews or word-of-mouth, you should give it a shot.

Now for Deus Ex: Human Revolution to be released... CAN. NOT. WAIT.

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22 May 2011 - Check it.

I know it's been forever since I updated, but I wanted to take a moment to post this awesome video that Lei Lei made as part of the Saxxy Awards for Team Fortress 2 using my map. It's always cool to see people not only enjoying your work, but doing cool things with it.

Other than that, there isn't much going on. Feedback for Bite Size Remix has been great. But I really haven't been working on anything as far as maps go. I was looking at maybe doing some stuff for Portal 2, but unfortunately I really just don't have the time or energy. But as soon as I have something worth mentioning, I will post it here.

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30 January 2011 - Bedrooms3: Bite Size [Remix]

It's out!

Bedrooms3: Bite Size [Remix] So finally, after over a year of on and off procrastination, I've finished the map. I think it turned out well, even if it took forever for me to get out. Fans of the Left 4 Dead version should be pretty happy. There is a lot of variety. Simply changing the room you choose to defend can almost feel a whole new map.

So enjoy it. I'd ramble on here, but I have to get ready for work tomorrow. Oh, I also put a little video together for it, which you can view either on the map's page, or on the video page. Have fun and let me know what you think of the map!

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31 December 2010 - Silence is golden. Sometimes.

Okay. So a lot has been going on since the last time I posted. No, I haven't put out a map or anything. Sorry. You can go ahead and forget about the Alien Swarm map I talked about. I haven't really worked on bedrooms, either. But I do plan to get it out at some point, even though I don't play Left 4 Dead 2 anymore. I'll probably do a preview video and that will motivate me to finish it. All that really needs to be done is the poster and packaging it up. Oh, and naming it might be nice too. Probably going with bedrooms3: Bite Size: The Sequel, or some other uninspired variation of that. Who knows.

Anyway, I have just been busy with work and games since August. Both are good. There have been a lot of really good games to come out lately. I've updated the info page with some of the ones I've been playing recently. I also added and changed some of my bio because it was out of date. Hmmm, what else? Oh, I also added a little notification to the menu so it's clear when I've added things to different parts of site. I'm going to start playing around with a new screenshot viewer that loads them right in the page, as opposed to going to another page. But I don't know if I'm going to like it.

I think that's all I feel like talking about now. Hopefully the next time I post won't be in another five months. And hopefully I'll have some news like... I don't know... bedrooms is released. That would be nice.

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4 August 2010 - See, I wasn't lying.

New Alien Swarm Campaign Okay so my unofficially official first campaign for Alien Swarm is now in its infancy. To prove that I'm not completely lazy and I really am working on it, I've posted a couple (obviously very) early screenshots over in the previews area. Also I take back what I said about cancelling bedrooms3 for Left 4 Dead 2. Apparently people really did like the first one, and since this one is so close to being done, I'll probably push it out there. The issue with not being able to move the physics props is still there, and that's been my biggest roadblock. That was a big feature of the first one. Oh well. Something is better than nothing, right?

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20 July 2010 - ALIEN SWARM

The game has only been out for a day, but I can already tell you I am planning to make Alien Swarm maps. That is all.

Oh, and I'm probably not going to finish l4d2_bedrooms3. Sorry. Lost interest in the game.

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19 May 2010 - I haven't died, I promise.

Just a quick update. I am still alive, I swear! Things have just been busy, but they should be calming down soon. I recently moved from Alexandria, VA to Mount Joy, PA to start my new assignment as an Army recruiter. Not something I'm exactly looking forward to, but I'm going to try to make the most of it. Anyway, with my new schedule I should have a little more time to work on the map. As previously stated, it's like 99% done, all it really needs is the poster. But I'm trying to throw some last-minute cool stuff in there. I'm still bummed about the whole "props don't move before the round starts in Survival" issue, but it doesn't look like Valve has any plans of fixing that. So might as well get it out there.

Other than that, there isn't a whole lot for me to say. I don't know what my next project is going to be. It's hard to say because at this point there isn't really a game out there that I want to map for. I still play Left 4 Dead, but I don't think I want to do a zombie themed map. So in a way I guess I'm taking a little break. But of course, when I figure something out I will post it here.

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9 March 2010 - Bad Company 2 is good stuff

So here I am in week 5 of the Army Recruiter Course. We've started to actually make some phone calls and will soon be going out and talking to people. It's not really my thing and I'm still getting used to it but it is somewhat interesting. We're being told not to think of ourselves as "recruiters" so much as we are counselors and advisors. Yes there is still a mission, but we want to make sure we are setting people up for success. I've already gained more respect for recruiters and what they have to do. That being said, I promise I won't turn this website into a recruiting tool! It will be a big part of my life for the next three years, so I can't say it won't be mentioned. But this still my site and my blog, not the Army's.

Anyway, I haven't really worked on the map at all. I really don't want to release it with the physics not working the way I want, but Valve has yet to address the issue so it looks like I might have to push it out anyway. At least I have Scavenge mode support to make up for it.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 The class has been keeping me pretty busy, but I have been playing a lot of Bad Company 2 in my spare time. I'm finding the game to be a lot of fun. I'm happy with the bigger focus on infantry combat as opposed to vehicles with the previous games. I think they found the right balance. You still get to jump out of helicopters and ride tanks, but most of your time will be spent boots on the ground using one of the simplified, merged classes. For example, the medic and support classes were combined, with the exception of support's ammo giving abilities being given to the assault class. All in all, it works well and I've been having a lot of fun.

So that's all for now. Not a whole lot to report, but I felt like posting.

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